Showdown at Hole-In-The-Wall, book twenty-one in the Ranger Series by Ralph Cotton

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack has spent a full winter healing up after being shot in the back and he’s still not completely ready for action. But he has to see a man about a horse…and a lot more. The horse is his own stallion. The man is Memphis Beck, a member of the notorious Hole-in-the-wall Gang, and the outlaw who saved his life.
Beck’s been holding on to the mount as a favor to Burrack, and now it’s time for the ranger to collect his stallion. But another man has his own interest in the Hole-in-the-wall Gang: a twisted, cold-blooded assassin known as the Dutchman. Soon the lawman and the lawless will find their fates intertwined in a pitched battle the neither may survive.



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