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Life and Times of Jeston Nash
While Angels Dance

Powder River

Price Of A Horse

Cost Of A Killing

Killers Of Man

Trick Of The Trade

Trilogy, Dead or Alive
Hangman's Choice
Devil's Due

Blood Money

Danny Duggin
(Written for Estate of Ralph Compton)

Shadow Of A Noose

Riders Of Judgment

Death Along The Cimarron

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Ranger - Big Iron
Montana Red



Border Dogs

Blue Star Tattoo formerly titled Misery Express

Blood Rock


Vengeance formerly titled Vengeance Is A Bullet

Sabre's Edge

Hell's Riders

Showdown at Rio Sagrado

Dead Man's Canyon

Killing Plain

Black Mesa

Trouble Creek

Gunfight at Cold Devil

Guns On The Border

Killing Texas Bob

Nightfall at Little Aces

Ambush at Shadow Valley

Showdown at
Riders From Lone Pines

Hanging In Wild Wind

Black Valley Riders

Lawman From Nogales
Lookout Hill
Valley of the Gun
High Wild Desert
Red Moon
Lawless Trail
Twisted Hills
Shadow River
Golden Riders
Mesa Grande
Showdown At Gun Hill
Payback At Big Silver

Gun Culture
Friend Of A Friend
Season of the Wind

Gunman's Reputation
Gunman's Song
Between Hell and Texas

The Law In Somos Santos

Bad Day at Willow Creek

Fast Guns Out of Texas

Ride to Hell's Gate
Gunmen of Desert Sands
Crossing Fire River

Escape from Fire River

Gun Country
City of Badmen


Stand Alone Novels
Midnight Rider

Jackpot Ridge
Wolf Valley

Blood Lands

Webb's Posse

Web's Posse Spin-offs
Sherman Dahl

Fighting Men

Gun Law

Will Summers
Summers' Horses

Incident At Gunn Point
Dark Horses

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