Riders From Long Pines, book twenty-two in Ranger by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton

No Good Deed

When some drovers stumble upon the bloody aftermath of a stagecoach robbery, they discover a hidden cache of money that belongs to most powerful man in the county. Briefly tempted to fill their saddlebags and run, they decided to do the right thing and return the cash. But that task may not be as easy as it sounds.

Buckshot Parks, the outlaw responsible for the robbery, is dead set on getting back his money, and he has a stolen badge to hide behind while he tracks the "thieves".  But there's a real lawman on Buckshot's trail - Arizonia Ranger Sam Burrack. With his shotgun-toting partner, Maria, he's determined to cathc the outlaw and get to the drovers before they meet with serious harm for doing good.




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