Ralph Cotton's Bestselling Big Iron Series begins with Montana Red, now a Western Classic

The Ranger lived for the hunt. The Outlaw lived for the killing. Now they're about to come face to face at last.

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack was a man of hair-trigger courage and a lightning quick draw.  His goal was swift justice, and his aim was as sure as death.  With a .58 caliber rifle in his saddlebag and a list of outlaws next to his heart, he tracked his prey relentlessly, alone, and to the bitter end.
No one under the badlands sun would put the ranger's skills to the test like Montana Red Hollis, a man more brutal than any beast, and more cunning than any desperado Burrack had ever hunted.  No one was safe from the wrath of Montana Red, and until the Ranger took up the scent, no one was brave enough to stop him.  Now on a frontier where the fastest guns ruled and only the lucky survived, a bloodthirsty killer was about to met his match.


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