Jurisdiction, book seven of The Ranger / Big Iron Series by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton

Young Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack has vowed to bring down a Gang of Murderous Outlaws - and save the impressionable young boy they've befriended.

After a year as an Arizona Ranger, Sam Burrack has learned that, in the harsh Old West, people come three ways: good, bad and dead. Without that frontier wisdom, he'd never survive as he trails the Ganston Gang, who have rampaged across the state and killed a fellow Ranger.

But the chase turns even deadlier when one of the gang, wounded and on the run, takes a young teenager named Billy Odle with him. Now Burrack must stay ahead of a posse of ruthless militiamen for whom murder equals justice, find the wanted man to satisfy his own sense of duty, and fight to save the life-and- the soul of a boy on the road to hell.




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