Wildfire by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton, book twenty-six in Ranger Series

Burning Up

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack is on the trail of a gang of bank robbers - a mission that has led him right into the path of a ragging wildfire. As pines around him go up in flames, Burrack is determined to catch the murderous Cheyenne Kid and his gang and recover the money they stole. But Burrack isn't the only with a case against the Kid.

When Gilley Maclaine overhears the Cheyenne Kidd reveal is plans to kill her, she swipes the money he promised gives him a swift kick on her way out the door.

Burrack knows that robbing a robber is dangerous and that the Kid won't let Gilley's betrayal go unpunished. Now he has to stick close to Gilley and hope that he can catch the outlaws before the wildfire catches them.




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