Sabre's Edge, book nine in the bestselling Ranger Series by Ralph Cotton

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack rides into Sabre Ridge with one prisoner for the town jail and a list of the man's kinfolk wanted for robbery and murder. But the sheriff - who's better at being a drunk than a lawman - tells Burrack to lay off the Abbadele Gang. They pump a lot of money into the local economy, even if it is money they steal from elsewhere.

But Burrack doesn't want the whole clan - just the ones who robbed the bank in Riley and killed three people. With entire town against him and no hard evidence in hand, Burrack needs a lot more than his guns and his wits to bring justice to Sabre Ridge - he needs allies. And the best ally he has is his partner, Maria, who isn't afraid to draw down on anyone - including the Abbadeles. When the talking stops and the shooting starts, the odds are still heavily stacked against the Ranger - but that's just the way he likes it...




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