Lookout Hill by bestselling author Ralph Cotton, book twenty-seven in the Ranger Series.

One Bad Turn Deserves Another

Arizona Ranger Same Burrack is deep in Old Mexico, hunting for two of the most heinous outlaws it's ever been his bad luck to track. Hodding "Hot Aces" Siebert and Bobby Hugh Bellibar have nine bank robberies, three train hijackings, and more than a dozen payroll raids to their names. And they've left an undertaker's fortune in dead bodies all along the border country.

But there is no honor among thieves. When the pair is caught in tight spot, Bellibar turns on his old pal Siebert like a snake, sparking a blood feud that makes it even more dangerous for Burrack to bring them in - and nearly impossible for him to get out alive...

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Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack is back

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