Justice, book three in Ralph Cotton's Bestselling Ranger / Big Iron Series

He was known as the Ranger. Arizona lawman Sam Burrack has seen his share of killers and the brutality they inflict on the innocent.  His relentless pursuit of the guilty has put things right time and again.

In the town of Bannet, a gang of outlaws has avoided the law...  until now. Doss Edding, son of a wealthy rancher, has led the cold-blooded Half Moon Gang on a spree of theft and murder that should have put him behind bars. But corrupt local law sets the accused man free to wreak more havoc.  Burrack refuses to give up, hunting down gang members until only their leader remains. Even deadlier that the hunt, though, is the man hired by Doss's father to find and kill Sam Burrack.
With a price on his head, and powerful men protecting his prey, Burrack will need all his skill and determination to see that even in a lawless world, Justice will be done.




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