Bestselling series, Riders Of Judgment a Ralph Compton novel by Ralph Cotton
Book Three
In her Guise as "Danny Duggin," Daniell Strange has spent the past two years hunting down the outlaws who murdered her father. Reunited with her brothers, the twins Tim and Jed, she plans to take her war across the boarder into Mexico -  Unaware she's being pursued by a U.S. Federal Marshall...
Of the outlaws, only one remains. Sam Delmano comes from a powerful family of cattlemen whose business stretches from the Southwestern territories into Mexico. He's put a $2,000 reward on "Danny Dugins" head, tempting every outlaw and bounty hunter across the West to try to collect it. But the cry of vengeance has been shouted out - and only justice can silence it.
The Estate of Ralph Compton, copyright 2000
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