Jackpot Ridge by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton

Jack Bell left Elk Horn seven hundred dollars richer after a poker game against Early Philpot. What Jack didn't reckon on was Philpot being such a sore loser and sending a gang of lowlifes into the mountain after him to get the money back. Luckily for Jack, a gunfire-triggered avalanche stopped his pursuers - with one dangerous exception.
Delbert Hanks was humiliated after Jack Bell rescued him from a frozen grave and sent him running back to Elk Horn with his tail between his legs. Now he's woven a web of lies about Bell's prowess as a gunslinger and his thirst for revenge that Early Philpot cannot possibly ignore. And with a band of merciless cutthroats eager to finish off Bell, Hanks believes he won't even have to get his hands dirty.
--- Ralph Cotton, copyright

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