Western Classics: Dead Or Alive Trilogy by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton.

Western Classic
Federal Deputy Sullivan Hart arrived too late to rescue his father. But the elder Hart managed to identify his killers before his death - by scrawling the phrase "Los Pistoleros" in his own blood. Since the end of the Civil War, this outlaw gang has been involved in everything from cattle rustling to running guns - without getting caught. Sullivan Hart aims to end that lucky streak. 

But Sullivan isn't the only man on the hunt. Quick Charlie Sims, gambler and con man, has his own debt to settle with Los Pistoleros. And he's got to do it without letting lawmen like Sullivan Hart get involved.

Because Charlie Sims is a wanted man, too...

Western Classic
Federal Deputy Sullivan Hart thought he broke the back of the outlaw organization "Los Pistoleros" by arresting its leader, J.T. Priest, the man who murdered his father. But before his trial, Priest escapes from jail, and he's determined to rebuild his criminal empire. Hart knows that if he's ever to put his father's ghost to rest he must stop the outlaw once and for all. 

Only Quick Charlie Sims knows where Priest is planning to meet up with the rest of his gang.

And Hart is none too sure he can trust the wily gambler, who has his own debt to settle with Los Pistoleros' leader-and his own interest in the organization.

Western Classic
Ever Since Federal Deputy Sullivan Hart lost his father to ruthless J. T. Priest, he's hoped to find the outlaw and bring him down. Then hanging judge Isaac Parker sends Hart and his partner, Twojack Roth, to break up Priest's infamous gang, Los Pistoleros, and he's only too willing to fulfill his duty.

When the price on Priest's head triples, gunmen from the East and the West alike join the hunt, with rifles in their hands and dollars signs in their eyes. Hart and Roth need all the help they can get to catch Priest and his crew, who've stolen a million dollars and taken a pretty hostage.

When a fortune in the balance, and a couple of sharp-eyed bounty hunters at his side, Hart sets out on a trail that will lead to a final showdown...and death in the desert.

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