Gunman's Song, book one in Gunfighter's Reputation Series by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton.

Suggested reading, Blood Rock for glimpse into Fast Larry Shaw's frame of mind when he learned of his wife's murder.
Lawrence Shaw once got a boost out of being the quickest gun alive. Now he's partial to telling gunfighter stories rather than living them. But that doesn't stop every ornery shootist with an itchy trigger finger from trying to pull iron on Fast Larry Shaw... Or a group of gamblers from wagering five grand on who will kill him... Or a gang of cutthroat saddle tramps from slaying his wife while in search of him.

Racked with guilt for not saving his beloved Rosa, Shaw vows to shorten the life expectancy of her murderers... And any other hardcase who even thinks of sending hot lead his way. With his childhood friend Cray Dawson, Fast Larry hunts down those who had taken part kiling his wife.



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