Crossing Fire River, book eight in Gunfighter's Reputation Series by Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton.

Lawrence Shaw is known on both sides of the border - as the fastest gun alive and for other reasons he'd like to forget. He's just spent a month in Old Mexico, drowning his demons n mescal, tequila, and peyote wind. But when his drunken sabbatical ends, he faces more than a lethal hangover.

It Begins with Shaw kills two bushwhacking banditos, becomes quarry for ruthless bounty hunters led by a cunning Mexican agent, and stumbles across a long-dead body in a cave. When he returns the remains to the town of Banton - where a powerful cattle king has claimed dominion over he surveys - his bloody past is resurrected. And it will take every bit of iron will Shaw has left if he wants to live long enough to find redemption.



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