Blood Rock, book six in Ralph Cotton's bestselling Ranger Series, now a Western Classic

What happened in the Ranger's youth?
What set him on the path to becoming a lawman?
Every lawman starts somewhere.
For a young Sam Burrack that place is Blood Rock.

Years before he became famous as an Arizona Ranger, Samuel Burrack was just another free spirit eager to experience life on his own in the West. When his best friend is murdered, first instinct is simple - find the killers and deliver justice. Joined by legendary Ranger Clyde "Outrider" Sazes, Samuel learns how to track, hunt, and shoot from the best in the territory. But when the badmen split up, so must the partners, and Samuel soon finds himself alone in the very town the gang has chosen as a rendezvous.

Now, the newly deputized Samuel will have to muster all of his strength, courage, and skill against a batch of murderous thieves whose only desire is to kill and conquer. For Samuel Barrack, it is his first fight to the death - and his first step toward becoming a legend...



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