Badlands, book two in Ralph Cotton's Bestselling Ranger / Big Iron Series, now a Western Classic.

One man stands for justice and the law, the other stands for murder and mayhem. Both are about to reach a point of no return...

Sam Burrack, the Arizona lawman known simply as The Ranger, makes his living tracking down dangerous criminals. His goal is swift justice and his aim is as sure as death. But a midnight jailbreak that sets loose a cadre of killers and trigger-happy outlaws is about to put The Ranger's skills and sense of justice to the test.
Ernesto Caslado, the Mexican-born desperado who is behind the jailbreak, leads the band of convicts deep into the harsh frontier of the Badlands. He, too is searching for justice - seeking out the true killer guilty of the murder that almost sent him to the gallows.
Both lawman and killer are driven, and both are about to face off in a life or death challenge. Before the sun goes down, the Badlands will defy everything they know about honor, courage, and loyalty...




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